Mike's Story - Success with Entre Institute

Mike's Story - Success with Entre Institute

Mike's Story - Success with Entre Institute

*We have verified Mike Fikany’s[1] video review as authentic and confirmed that he is an active member of Entre Institute. He is 62 years old and considers Entre Institute his ‘second wind’.

Mike Fikany’s Story - Experience with Entre Institute and Staff:

"I was not pleasant to others and certainly wasn't good to myself."

My name is Mike Fikany[2], and I live in western Montana.

I'll be 62 years old this year, and I joined Entre Institute[3] in November of 2021. And I love it. I was in the midst of a decision process to sell an existing business that I was running, and I saw a video of Jeff Lerner[4] on the Internet, and the timing for me was perfect.

It was something that I needed at the time, and I didn't know the ins and outs. I think about what brought me into Entre and what was going on in my life then. There was lots of uncertainty, which is part of life. There's a lot of chaos. Many things were going on in my head, and some thought that wasn't good. I was approaching life's challenges terribly, and I had no idea that I was going into an organization; in essence, I didn't know if I would be making money in terms of paying royalties. I didn't know. So then I find out it's an education company, and then I find out it's an education company that's dedicated to helping people with this.

Not just this. Your body-mind getting into a place where you can do that, you're ready to be everything you can be. So these were the best things, literally the best things that I ever did for myself. Like, there's nothing even I can compare. There's nothing in since I wasn't in my 20s anymore, so we're talking about a long time where I did a lot of things, but this organization prompted me to do these things for myself, to develop myself physically.

That's part of the Entre program. It is the physical part of it. The personal aspect of it was the development I continued to get through the live events I attended and the community of people built around me. Not with me at the center, but this community of people is not comparable, and it's people who will be there for you. When I say life-changing, I mean life-changing.

Entre provided a platform for me to change my life before I enrolled in Entre and began working through building a business and going to live events. At that time, I was aimless, trying and forcing things to work. And I didn't have an idea of purpose or mission. I was not pleasant to others and certainly wasn't good to myself. One of the questions my advisor specialist had asked me to write down for him was, what were you before this process?

What were you like, what have you become, and where do you want to go? And I had this whole litany of things about who I was and my mindset. I think that the word I'm looking for is that mindset. The mindset was just pessimistic, and it wasn't productive at all. My thinking now can do, can create, and probably most important, can be. And you have to do work to get there.

That will add years to my life. I guarantee it. I would say this to those who may be apprehensive about taking that next step: take this step that creates the energy so that you can make it to the next step. And the picture we have up here is always way different than reality. You have no idea what you will do for yourself right now in the place you are.